Wednesday, 30 January 2013

There goes January

The holidays have now come to an end but I think we all need to get back to a routine.  We had a great break, the kids were off for just under eight weeks so we are in need of a reality check.  We managed to get to Brisbane and Gold Coast before Christmas and we had a couple of weeks at Umina in January so we've got plenty to be thankful for.

There was even some sewing done.  I sewed some PJ Pants for Isla and a friend and I really wanted to get the binding finished on the dresden plate quilt.  It seems to take so long to slip stitch so I spent a while searching blogs and tutorials on attaching binding by machine.  I decided to go with Rita's guide on Red Pepper Quilts. I found it challenging but I guess with practise it gets easier.  It's a little untidy but it is on and in not much time.  I would like to practise some more anyway.


This is one of the better looking sections of binding
And the finished product
I have also started work on my office/sewing room.  Although most of the time I find it easier to spread out on the dining table or kitchen table.  It is coming together slowly with a couple more shelves etc. from Ikea. 


Looks like I need to deal with the messy cords below the desk.  Basically all the sewing gear is behind the bi-fold doors and I will reveal that when it has been organised (you can't expect too much in one year).
All these rainy days were a help to get some inside jobs done.  While QLD was suffering with the floods we were benefiting from some much needed rain. 



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