Monday, 14 May 2012

Mother's Day was quite hectic here as we had a big weekend of activities.  There was the School Fete (early start) all day Saturday and then the rodeo to attend on Saturday night.  On Sunday we were up and at it early again with the day out at Pony Club.  We  used this chance to pack a picnic lunch and have my mum and dad and my aunty to join us for the day. We had a lovely day even though the weather wasn't as perfect as it had been.

I did enjoy my handmade gifts from the children but I did make sure I was well looked after and organised my own little 'surprise' of these lovely books.  Maybe one day I will get a chance to really sit down and enjoy them.  I have made some PJ pants already for Isla but I do still have an unfinished quilt on my loungeroom floor.

And this was Isla's 'cowgirl' hair one day last week.  Everything relates to horses with Isla.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Weekend Sewing

Look what I accomplished this weekend.  It may be far from finished but it is started and its laying all over my lounge room so it will have to be completed some day.  I've been wanting to do a Dresden Plate Quilt for a while, so I had this Sophie fabric from Moda that I was going to use for something else.  When Friday morning came I decided to do this.  I did the cutting on Friday with a Dresden Wedge I had just received in the mail (ebay again).  So all weekend I would sneek off occasionally and do sosme sewing in between the normal stuff.  I've never been really good at that.  I usually like to be able to keep going and get finished.  But if I only do it that way I will never get anywhere.  So now I have to start sewing these 240 darling little petals together before I even think about attaching them to the blocks, but I am liking the look already.

Unfortunately I've had to leave this post until today as our internet had been slowed once again.  Thankyou to all the little people with their social media and ipods etc.  Back to a fresh month now so we'll see how we go.  I have now put four of the dresden plates togther.