Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Sigh of Relief for the school holidays

Well thank goodness we made it through term one.  It has been a really hectic term around here as it is in any home with children so a well earned rest is planned for the next couple of weeks (without getting too lazy).  I really think there should be some time for sewing too. It's been a few weeks again since being able to sit at the machine and accomplish something.  But, that I did.  I made a dress for Isla that I was quite pleased with and I would love to do some more although I have been thinking about quilting too.  I also used this pattern to make a top in red gingham but didn't get it finished yet.  Maybe thats a plan for this weekend.  Let's hope we all have a safe and happy school holidays with just enough sewing to keep us sane.

Ladder transformed

Just thought I would put a pic up of this old ladder I picked up some years ago.  It really has been laying around in the shed waiting for some attention for a few years now.  It must have been used for a bit of painting over the years as it had splashes of all colour all over it, so I decided it would be easiest to simply paint it.  Now that it is all painted it looks great with some quilts displayed on it.