Saturday, 29 December 2012

Isla's stitching

There is one good thing about the man of the house being on night work.  You can usually get some sewing done.  It means quiet activities so some progress has been made in the sewing department, although my binding took longer than planned it is now attached and ready for to be hand stitched.  Isla decided she wanted to do some stitching so she used threads from her new craft kit bag she received from her aunty for christmas.  I drew a heart for her and penciled 'Laloopsy' on some fabric for her. She took to it instantly and loved it.  Needless to say every time I got started on my own sewing I had to re-thread, tie off etc but it was worth it.  By the end she was doing it all and it looks surprisingly good for an eight (nearly nine) year old.  We then decided to put the stitchery on the ready made craft bag.  I appliqued it on with the sewing machine (roughly) so it was done in no time.  I really enjoyed our peaceful day and yes there were two other kids at home who made good use of the time (tv, computer)while I was ignoring them.  Very pleased with our results, lets see if we can do some more tomorrow.


Work in progress

Laloopsies are in at the moment
(not sure about the plural spelling for Laloopsy)
The finished project
Very pleased with herself
Finally ready for slip stitching


  1. Oh bless her! Send her up for holidays, I need a pink one to do crafty things with!

  2. You will need some ear plugs. She nearly drove me up the wall.