Sunday, 26 February 2012

Well, I finally worked out how to put a picture on the blog.  So here are the stools I was talking about.  Now I will try to work out how I got the first picture there and how to make it smaller.  Next time I might try to remember which font and colour I used so maybe all posts might look the same.  But, for now I had better go and get some groceries otherwise some people might starve.

Best Ebay Purchase Ever

I am sooo excited.  Yesterday we drove to Sydney to pick up my ebay purchase of four Le Forge stools.  The children were very annoyed but sometimes its mum's turn (you know what i mean:   football, netball, horseriding, swimming etc).  Dad is also very patient and I probably owe him, but I'm sure he will let me know.  I have wanted these for a long time and are just right in my kitchen but couldn't afford the price of new ones.  The brown and cream toile cushions are lovely as well.  All in all a productive day I think. (managed to even fit in bit of quilting in the evening).

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Just the beginning

Well, I have had enough trouble setting up so far so hopefully I will improve from here.  No doubt I will learn along the way.  Unfortunately at this late hour and the fact that I have ignored the washing up and only half quilted a quilt that I thought I would finish, I  will close off for today and try again tomorrow. Wish me luck for the future in blogging land.