Thursday, 12 April 2012

School Holiday Laziness

Don't you just love school holidays?  I do.  I do not miss the organising and running around that the school term brings.  No lunches, (funny how they seam to eat less when they're at home) no homework, not quite so much sport.  Netball is on holidays too but not football.  My favourite part is the 'no homework'  and the sleep ins.  I must admit though the kids are at a shocking stage of arguing at the moment.  The fifteen year old is the most trouble and really knows how to annoy the girls.  But I still find it better than school.  I've had fun looking at blogs and getting inspired by some beautiful quilts and heaps of sewing projects.

We had a lovely easter.  We stayed at Lake Glenbawn with friends.  We took the caravan and they brought their gooseneck (big thing that is usually used to carry horses but they have it set up for sleeping and kitchette with sink cupbpoards and microwave.  It's ideal.  The kids had fun in the muddy dam water as it was really quite hot, not like most Easters with the rain.  We had five kids (one of the older ones had a better offer) and four dogs and couldn't have had a more relaxing weekend. 

Olive and Sebastian really found it hard to relax.......

We realised when we came home that that was probably our last trip in our van as we have ordered a new one.  We decided to go for a Basestation as we think it could be great for taking all the gear and bikes (5 bikes on a bike carrier is just too hard).  Also the kids can have their own seperate room and TV.  Our van is nearly 4 years old and we have had some really great trips and seen a lot.  We have travelled about 30 000klms or more when you take into account one trip to NT and tip of WA was 14 500 klms and last year another 10 500klms to WA.  Hope we have made the right decision.

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