Thursday, 1 March 2012


Yesterday I quilted a quilt top that I had made quite a while ago.  It was a gorgeous little table topper from Faeries in My Garden.   I stitched a simple quarter inch from the seams of the squares and ditch stitched around the embroidered border.  I got brave and decided to attempt free motion quilting on the outer border.  The idea was to stitch a similar pattern to the embroidery although it wasnt crash hot.  For the fourth and final side I decided to stand and found it a lot easier(still far from perfect).  I guess we need to start somewhere.  I will try and get some pics on here.

I have decided to try and finish all UFO projects.  I also finished slip stitching the binding on another quilt.  It had so little to go it should have been done a long time ago.

Heading off with girls for the weekend in the morning.  We will all be armed with sewing machines.......     Will let you know on Monday the results(hopefully some finished quilt tops).

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